Deli Bluem

Somehow I never got to post about Deli Bluem. It newly opened this year in the 8th District and is focused on healthy vegetarian options.

The place is nicely decorated and looks really welcoming and friendly with their cute and floral decoration on the chandeliers.


The food offer reminds me of Hiddenkitchen, where they offer different salads and you can choose a selection of salads and just pay for how many options you take.


I read a lot of positive reviews on the Georgian filled bread, which I naturally had to taste.
After biting into it, you are greeted with a very flavourful filling and as you munch on this bread and try to guess what spices were used, it has gone into your belly already.



I enjoyed the mix of different tastes and textures from the salads but they were a bit bland compared to the Georgian bread.

My beverage was a matcha latte of course. I love matcha and could drink it all the time.

Deli Bluem is a great option for a healthy lunch but is not too expensive, near Josefstädterstraße and the main university.



3 thoughts on “Deli Bluem

  1. Posts like this are why I love your site Beatrice! Those chandeliers are so beautiful and I love that your meal looks both healthy and inviting at the same time. I’ve never heard of Georgian bread…I must find some…what a lovely meal! :)

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