The Burger Bar

The Burger Bar recently opened at Liechtensteinstraße 8b, near the main university and me and three friends decided to check out their burgers.


For lunch we had a special burger menu (which I am not too sure about still exists) which includes fries, a dip and a dessert with your burger but I can’t remember the price, it was about 13€. It seemed like they changed this offer to this voucher in case you are interested.


Since we were  a group of four we had the opportunity to try a variety of their burgers and dips.

shooting_vienna_burgerbar shooting_vienna_burgerbar shooting_vienna_burgerbar
What we all noticed was that the guy working as a waiter seemed weird, to the extent that he came off as a bit unfriendly to us.
I ordered the hot chicken burger which was an okay burger but barely any chicken meat as you can see.
My friend who had the vegetarian burger got an ice cold patty which they forgot to fry. The waiter exchanged it with a brand new burger, which was a nice gesture. The fries were not bad but we all thought that the bread bun was too hard and crispy.
For dessert we got a small plate of chocolate mousse with ice-cream.

The place was okayish but since there are a lot of other options near my university I doubt I will come again.
Also since I am really on the look out for a great burger I was a bit disappointed here, since a lot of the reviews were positive and raved about this place.
In case you are on the hunt for a delicious burger as well and don’t want to reserve a seat in advance for said the butcher to the cow, you should definitely check out omnom burger.
The place is tiny and only has seats for eight people but you can take-away and a delivery service is in the making :)



2 thoughts on “The Burger Bar

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a chicken burger anywhere here in the US…it’s a great idea! I have an idea that the burger bun is the most important part of a burger…what do you think? ;)

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