Christmas Vacation

December is always so packed with activities and friends you have to see, shopping lists you need to complete, and of course the big day, New Year!
Having so much planned and to do, it always feels like the shortest month in the whole year!

I am super excited for this Christmas since I won’t be spending it in good old Vienna but in Manila, with my relatives I don’t get to see that often. The main reason we are going there, is that my Cousin is getting married and we luckily have the opportunity to attend :)


I will be leaving on the 18th December with a short stopover in Seoul, which I am also quite looking forward to. Our hotel is located in Myeongdong. The perfect place for some shopping and street food! Of course we have lots of activities planned but if you have any tips on what to see or do, just let me know!

Over New Years we will fly to Boracay, said to have the most wonderful beaches in the Philippines. I have been there before but I never have spend New Years anywhere except Austria.
I bet it will be super weird for me to experience Christmas and New Year in a hot climate and no snow.
The pictures were made in 2008, on our last trip to the Philippines.
The typhoon Hagupit luckily weakened and did not leave as much damage as the typhoon Haiyan from last year.

shooting_vienna_boracay shooting_vienna_boracay

In January we will have a small trip to Cambodia before I have to fly back for my exams. Yikes, yes I have to study during my holiday trip but I will manage and then I am finally done with my studies. 2015 will be super exciting!

Anyway I just wanted to write a quick update what I will be up to and to let you know that I have posts already written and queued.
I probably won’t be able to write a lot of comments and replies but there will definitely will be a long post of what I have seen, eaten and experienced on my long trip :)



5 thoughts on “Christmas Vacation

  1. Jetzt bist du schon in der Luft und auf dem Weg nach Seoul.
    Hab mich sooo gefreut, dass du mir vorm Abflug noch mal geschrieben hast. Konnte leider nicht so ausführlich antworten wie gewollt, da ich noch am Arbeiten war. >__<;
    Hoffe, du hast eine ganz ganz tolle Zeit mit deiner Familie und ich freu mich sooo auf die ganzen Geschichten und Fotos.
    Keeping an eye on your blog though I'm so bad at leaving comments.
    *hugs tight* Travel safe! ♥♥♥

    1. Ach kein Ding Darling :)
      Das wird ein seeeehr langer Bericht, und ich hab auch mehr als 40GB verschossen in den 3 Wochen,also wirds noch etwas dauern mit den Bildern da ich auch noch Prüfungen habe aber ab 22.1. hab ich dann hftl viel mehr Zeit :)
      Danke für dein liebes Kommentar <3

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