Christkindlmarkt at Rathaus

The best-known and biggest Christkindlmarkt in Austria is located every year in December at Rathaus.
It is nicest to make a visit in the evening, when all the lights are on and produce a magical atmosphere.
Since I was at the university and had a long break, I decided to make a swift tour around and enjoy the spirit of Christmas.


The huge Christmas tree, which is 140 years old (always between 20-30 meter high) is a traditionally present from one of our federal states. This year it was gifted from Südtirol (Italy), which of course does not belong to Austria any more but funnily enough it is included.Don’t ask me why ;)


The Christkindlmarkt is actually one of my least favourites because it is too crowded (mostly with tourists).
I do enjoy it during the day when it is not yet overrun by masses of people.


Huge pieces of ginger bread hearts and pastries will help you gain calories for the cold winter time :)




From food to kitsch to candles and all sorts of knick knacks you can find nearly everything here.



I just love to take in this beautiful display of white decorative objects for your own Christmas tree.


The candles are a popular spot for pictures and selfies and across you can see the Burgtheater.


Rathaus is worth a visit but for the evening I would recommend you to visit the Christkindlmarkt at Schönbrunn or Belvedere.
The scenery is amazingly beautiful and it is a lot less crowded!


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