Siki – Tea Room and Tea Shop

Siki is a newly opened Japanese tea shop at Währingerstraße 153 near Aumannpark.
In a separate room they even offer the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, chado.


As you may know I love green tea and think that it is really great that more Japanese tea shops are opening in Vienna!
The first was Cha no ma (they offer the best matcha lattes in town!), then came Metcha Matcha and now Siki.
Those Japanese shops offer different products, teas and dishes so there is a right place for every green tea lover out there!


After scanning the menu card I was really impressed by the Japanese green tea selection and other Japanese teas that are not available everywhere. There is also a small selection of Japanese food (curry, ochazuke and miso soup) and lots of sweet goods that fit to tea.

After quite a while I finally decided on a green tea and picked Shoshun which I have never tried before. This tea is harvested in spring and has a sweet and mellow taste.
The price of 4,2€ includes a second infusion which is great and sadly not common to be offered.
The second infusion even tasted better than the first because of the intensified sweetness. I loved it and was really happy with my choice!


Yatsubashi are traditional mochis and originate from Kyoto. The mochi dough is flavoured with sugar and cinnamon and red beans are the filling.
I paid 3,5€ for three pieces of yatsubashi, which I thought was a pretty good deal. Generally the prices are really decent!


The shop owner was very friendly and even gave me a small matcha chocolate as a present and lots of business cards for my friends.
I can’t wait to be go back again and enjoy a nice cup of green tea with somebody dear to me.


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