Markterei & Verjus

At the last Markterei the Mister and me stuffed our faces with delicious pulled pork burgers from Hy Kitchen and cupcakes from Brass Monkey.



After the burger and a cupcake it was shopping time and we bought Verjus, which is juice made of immature green grapes.
It can be used for marinades, soups, sauces or risotto and many more, just need to find out!
Verjus has a mild acidity and can be used as a substitute for vinegar, lemon and more obviously, wine.

We also bought a Verglüher which is Verjus with christmas spices and amaretto and it was the best Glühwein I ever had!
The flavours worked perfectly together and I can’t wait to open the bottle of ours and use that cute enamel cup.


I am not sure where you can buy them in Vienna but you can check out their shop online  and they will probably attend the next Markterei again.


4 thoughts on “Markterei & Verjus

  1. Verjus sounds like it would be super tangy and delicious, especially with all that food! Your photos are gorgeous Beatrice, very Christmas-y…I especially love the 3rd shot. :)

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