Starting to look like Christmas

Time is flying by so fast and it is starting to be this time of year again!
I especially love the Christmas decorations in the first district with their light decorations and the festive looking shop windows.


A small Christkindlmarkt is located at Michaelerplatz and you can even catch a glimpse of the Roman excavation at the bottom.



At Demels (founded in 1786) they even decorated for St. Nicholas Day. As a small kid I would have received traditional gifts like: peanuts, mandarins and chocolate but I am too old for that already ;)

In Austria St. Nicholas is accompanied by Krampus, a scary-looking and demonic like creature that is in charge of the naughty kids. A great tale to scare kids but we also have the Krampus night on the 5th of December, which can be a bit scary for adults as well. Check out Krampus or Krampuslauf on Youtube to get a general impression.

shooting_vienna_prechristmas shooting_vienna_prechristmas
I love the traditional interior and the nostalgic touch. You feel transported back to the 19th Century!


Christmas wouldn’t be complete without delicious Vanillekipferl. They are definitely my favourite Christmas cookies!

What is your favourite Christmas indulgence?





Of course there is also a little Christkindlmarkt at Stephansplatz. Great for tourists who are sight seeing in Vienna and need to warm up with punch or Glühwein :)


And last but not least that pretty little bow. I probably take pictures of it every year but it is just too cute!


6 thoughts on “Starting to look like Christmas

  1. I feel like I’m there Beatrice! Love all these photos, especially the marzipan Christmas trees and crescent-like cookies…will have to look up a recipe for those now, thanks for the name! :)

    1. I hopefully will have the time to bake some and share a traditional Austrian recipe with you :) They are highly addictive though ;) Recently I thought that they would be great to mix with matcha. Either in the dough or one half of a crescent dipped in white choco with matcha.

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