Little Britain Review

I heard of this cute coffee shop near the new WU Campus at Kriau and knew I just had to check it out sincethe trip to London made me fall in love with this vibrant city and me and the mister miss Great Britain quite a lot.

It is just a minute walk from the tube station away and looks just super cute and comfy with their shabby chic interior which is held mostly in white.
My sister and I loved it and couldn’t get over the white furniture we wished we owned while sipping on our hot chocolate.


I had white chocolate with strawberry and my sister had the hazelnut flavour which totally reminded me funnily of mugicha.

The hot chocolate is made from Whittard chocolate and I am on the verge of buying a whole box for the upcoming winter to enjoy at home.
It is just a tad expensive overpriced with 19€ per container when I can get in online for far less.

They had delicious looking cheesecakes but since we already were skipping our sports class we were reasonable and resisted the temptation.


It seems to be quite busy for breakfasts and on week-ends so do make a reservation beforehand.
When we were there in the evening it would have been quite empty if there would not have been a huge birthday party going on.

So reminiscing in a worthwhile place like this is not such a bad idea and I hopefully will return soon :)


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