Hy Kitchen Food Truck

Food trucks are slowly noticeable in Vienna which is very exciting and a big step in such a  bureaucratic country like Austria.
The Mister and me tried out Hy Kitchen at Freyung and a had a nice chat with the owner of the food truck, Monica Kranner who agreed that starting a food truck business was a long bottle with red tape but it is slowly getting better.

shooting_vienna_hykitchen shooting_vienna_hykitchen

Now to the more important stuff, her burgers! I just love burgers and am always on the look-out for a really delicious one.
We did not know what to expect but when we got served the wagyu burger and had our first bite, we knew it was one of the top 3 best burgers we had in Vienna.
The meat was super juicy and yummy, the brioche bun was fluffy and soaked up all the wonderful flavours of the red cabbage and sauce.

We quickly devoured the burger and both came back with friends to have their last burger of the season. (As you can tell by the dramatic difference of the pictures ;))

I then tried out their cheeseburger which was yummy as well and I am looking forward to tasting the other options as well.

shooting_vienna_hykitchen shooting_vienna_hykitchen
The prices for the burgers and side dish is reasonable for the quality and taste and definitely worth a visit!

Sadly the food truck is closed at the moment but if I have any information on when and where Monica is selling her burgers again, I will let you know! :)


11 thoughts on “Hy Kitchen Food Truck

  1. Cool! I am positively surprised that people did manage to get permits for food trucks here. A couple of years ago I was convinced that it would take much longer for food trucks to show up in Vienna. Sometimes I love to be wrong :)

  2. I love this whole movement of food trucks conquering the market. Unfortunately they are still slow to enter the Netherlands, although there is now a yearly food truck market in Amsterdam that is bringing in massive crowds. Fabulous to see that they are moving in to Austria as well.

    1. That food truck market in Amsterdam sounds really interesting! Nothing similar here in Vienna yet but let’s see how it the movement develops here. I am definitely excited about this new trend :)

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