Ströck Feierabend

Ströck Feierabend is one of my go-to places on Saturdays. They offer delicious and regional food, they grow their own vegetables in Vienna and most important, they have awesome dessert ;)
As you may remember, I already blogged about their sinful crème brûlée Krapfen here.

In summer I tried out their steak sandwich which tasted pretty good but I wished there was more meat under that huge heap of arugula salad and parmesan cheese.
shooting_vienna_ströck shooting_vienna_ströck

Somehow I am not a huge fan of black forest cake, probably because my sister was obsessed with it when we were small and I got fed up after numerous of black forest cakes.
This pretty little cake was not bad, it was surprisingly light and fluffy and not heavy at all.

shooting_vienna_ströck shooting_vienna_ströck

Another time I went there with Coco after being back from London and we enjoyed those little treats of fruit cake.

shooting_vienna_ströck shooting_vienna_ströck

I sadly haven’t been there for a while as you can tell from my summery pictures but I do plan on dropping by soon.

One of my favourite seasons is Autumn and mainly because of all the great dishes you get at the moment. Nothing better than a hot stew or soup on cold and windy November days :)



8 thoughts on “Ströck Feierabend

  1. I LOVE forest cake and this one looks super yummy!!!!!
    I wanna try everything you posted! Let’s go there next time I’m in Vienna, oki? Please? *puppy eyes*

      1. Yep, from all the cream cakes I know I like it most. :) But generally cakes with cherries are awesome! *_*
        You’re right, we have to make a list. There are so many places you wrote about where I’d like to go.:) :)

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