Woman Day – Shopping

A bit late since the woman day was on the 16h of October but I wasn’t sure if a shopping post would be of interest to anyone but here it is anyway ;)

I love woman day because you get up to minus 60% in 51 selected shops and who doesn’t love a good bargain?
Since I was stuck at university and work I just shopped online at Douglas and ordered all the things on my wish-list. Success!


It always feels like opening a present and I was delighted when I found out that Douglas send me a Jo Malone sample of their red roses perfume.
I just love that smell, it is made out of 6 different types of roses and reminds me of a heavenly turkish delight.


Just recently the Mister and I discovered the wonderful world of scents by Jo Malone and since then I have been hooked and can’t get past the Douglas at Kärnterstraße without sniffing at their sample bottles. Oud and Bergamot is definitely winner, labeled unisex but quite dark and manly I just love how well it fits the Mister.
Do you have a favourite scent from Jo Malone? I really love those unisex perfumes but can’t decide which one I should buy.


Hair bands that don’t leave a bent in my hair? Definitely needed those for my work!


It is a weird feeling, similar to Thai cream since your skin feels really cold and tingly but I am satisfied with the results, my skin is super smooth and my butt feels a lot firmer from just using it a week.

I have been in need of a good lip brush and decided to try out Zoeva. I love that the brush can be easily transformed into a long or small brush, great for travelling!


And last but not least some lip balm from Dr. Hauschka since my lips get easily chapped in autumn and winter.


Did you purchase anything on woman day? :)



13 thoughts on “Woman Day – Shopping

  1. Man! I totally missed it. As in, it didn’t even appear on my radar like the rest of the outside world :-(
    Looks like you got some fantastic goodies, though.

    1. Too bad :( same would have happened to me if the Mister wouldn’t have told me about it. This year I can recall two women day so it’s not just once a year. Will let you know if one is upcoming if you want! thanks, yes I am quite satisfied with my purchase :)

      1. Oh, cool, there is another one? I’ll keep my eyes open… Yes, if you could let me know when you hear about it, that would be fantastic! That’s really nice of you, thanks :)

    2. Gerade eine Mail von Douglas erhalten, morgen ist auf alles -20% eh auch wie beim Woman Day falls dich etwas von dort anlacht wäre morgen eine gute Gelegenheit vorbeizuschaun :)

  2. I totally missed out this day but I love the goods you purchased!
    I never heard of Jo Malone – gonna check them out next time I visit a drugstore. :)
    And that soap you bought just sounds so cool!!! I should definitely try this out!! XD

    Looking forward to your post about your weekend trip. <3

    1. Not sure if it takes place in other countries though, I think it’s just in Austria but correct me if I am wrong :) Oh I love Jo Malone, the scents are pricey but really heavenly! Also I think it is really important to smell nice, people are a lot more attractive and it’s just nice to be around a good smelling person haha Tell me what you think and which scent you liked the most if you get the chance ;)
      It definitely works and firms up the body and makes the skin incredible soft and fluffy but you need to use quite a lot of product and I guess I have used up my tube after a month or so which makes the cream a tad pricey. I am not sure about buying it again though since the original price is about 35€.

      Thanks Darling, also for your email <3

  3. Wow, I didn’t know there was such a thing as Woman’s Day…where have I been!? I love Jo Malone scents…their Earl Grey and Cucumber smells soooo lovely. :) Will have to check out Douglas now!

    1. Haha yes there is a Womens day on the 8th of March but Womans Day is initiated by a magazine we have here which is called “woman” :) Haha I so could have guessed you picking the one scent with tea but I do love this one as well! So many wonderful things and too little money :)

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