Feinedinge is a newly opened shop in the 4th district of Vienna and they sell and also produce their own porcelain goods.

The shop is not hard to find since the huge windows show the beautifully interior and pieces of art they create.

I repeat myself but everything there is just so beautiful and lovely!

The atmosphere is relaxed and the sales assistants are super friendly and helpful.

The Mister asked if one can have a personal print on cups which is no problem for them. Yay for customized quality goods!


I need to watch my budget but if I have the money I will invest it probably in a nice teapot or tea cup from them.

Do you spot anything you would immediately take home?



They also have an online shop if you (sadly) can’t make it there in person.



Christmas is definitely the time to find and buy presents here!
I must confess I like to buy presents wayyyy in advance (I already have done all my Christmas shopping..yep) and hoard them in my special present box. Location unknown ;)


5 thoughts on “Feinedinge

  1. I am so excited Beatrice! Looks like they have a sister shop in San Francisco! ;) Such a beautiful line of porcelain. I’ll definitely be visiting soon, preferably on a day that I have plenty of $. Thanks so much for sharing…love finding these kind of brands!

    1. Oh true they are being sold in Muhs, which looks like a lovely shop as well with lots of cute items! Your welcome, glad there is a shop near you where you can also see and touch these fine objects,I think that’s a lot more satisfying than just buying things online with some clicks of the mouse :)

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