Okra – Restaurant Review

Okra is a newly opened Japanese restaurant in the second district near Taborstraße and was highly praised by newspapers.
The Mister and me naturally had to check it out and hoped that we would get more than the usual Japanese dishes.
I really miss okonomiyaki, tonkatsu or takoyaki being served here in Austria but sadly again none of that on the menu.


For starters we shared the sake sashimi which was lovely seasoned with ponzu and daikon.


The ramen intrigued us both since we are huge ramen fans and we hoped for a delicious fatty broth, springy noodles and some egg yolk action.
Miso ramen are both our favourite so we opted for this one and I went with the unagi maki. I just love unagi but it is really rare to find it here or really expensive.


The miso ramen were not bad, but we were a bit disappointed since our expectations of superawesomeramen were not met.


My unagi on my maki tasted good, the maki were mediocre though and not very uniform in size.

Would I come back here? Maybe. I know that restaurants have their ups and downs and you can’t say that a restaurant is horrible, well more mediocre in that case, from one visit.
My hopes of an amazing Japanese place in Vienna were let down a bit though.



4 thoughts on “Okra – Restaurant Review

  1. The food looks just as your descriptions indicate. :) The sashimi looks very fresh and delish! What happened to the okonomiyaki places in Austria…went out of business?

    1. :) Actually we never really had any okonomiyaki restaurants. I just know of one restaurant that offered it but they don’t do that anymore sadly :( I guess we do not have enough Japanese immigrants? Japanese restaurants here offer mainly only sushi, maki, ramen, donburi and tempura. Do you have a favourite Japanese dish Bonnie? :)

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