Sun(ny)day – Alte Donau

A sunny week-end is really something to look forward to, especially in autumn and winter.
After shutting myself in and making final updates and checks on my thesis and studying for my basic law course, I headed out to Alte Donau, one of my favourite places to hang out on a beautiful Sunday.

Not only because I am lazy to go somewhere really far away from me (if I would live near Schönbrunn or Belvedere I would probably hang out there;)) but I really enjoy just sitting on a bench and watching the calm water.

I spied a dragonfly and in my best moment of stealth I could creep up really closely and snap some close-ups. My camera zoom on my digital camera is not the best, so I was literally only 20cm away from it.


I love dragonflies, they are so pretty and fascinating.


I also noticed some fish hanging out at the bank of the Donau but I couldn’t really get a nice shot. Here anyway the evidence ;)



3 thoughts on “Sun(ny)day – Alte Donau

    1. Yes temperatures dropped down to around 8°C now but due to the strong winds it feels a lot colder. Alte Donau is still really pretty in Winter though when everything is white and the Danube is frozen :)

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