Mexican Chili Shop

There is not a huge diversity of Mexican restaurants or shops here in Vienna but I am glad that I discovered Chili Gourmet at Gardegasse 3.

Not only do they sell a huge variety of dried chilis and lots and lots of hot chili sauces, they sell their own home-made tortillas made out of corn or wheat to very fair prices!

I am so excited and can’t wait to try out a recipe with their corn tortillas or their dried habaneros.


We did buy my dad a very hot chili sauce and just tasting a tiny bit made the tip of my tongue numb. This impressed me since I am used to spicy things.


I have a Mexican recipe book I love and the Mister and I finally could make the black bean soup with epazote, which gave a really nice authentic herbal touch to the soup.

The smell makes me think of chamomile mixed with dill, which sounds a bit weird but it has a soothing smell to me.


Do you have a favourite Mexican recipe you could share with me? :)


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