Lubin – Restaurant Review

Since the mister had his birthday on Friday, we spend the day together and had a wonderful lunch at Lubin.

Lubin is a Croatian fish restaurant located in the third district in Vienna and definitely worth a visit! If you do drop by, remember to reserve a seat though.
It looks a bit fancy, the atmosphere is relaxed, the waiters friendly and the food simply delicious.
Their lunch menu is just such a great offer, for 9,9€ you get a soup and a main course. You can choose everyday between two options so it doesn’t get boring.

We settled down on our table and nibbled on fresh Croatian bread with generous amounts of the garlic and parsley in olive oil.

We just loved the dense bread which fit perfectly with the freshness of the garlic oil. I could eat this the whole day!
The mister chose the lunch menu and got his spicy fish soup.


I didn’t order a starter but got a freshly deep-fried sardine which tasted heavenly. Best of all it was for free!


In high spirits we awaited our mains and were not disappointed. Grilled Calamari with spinach and potato (11€) for me and grilled gilt-head sea-bream for him.
The calamari were done perfectly and were so soft and yummy.


The fish was excellent and perfectly done as well.


We are planning on going back soon and I hope you love it as much as we do.

Also they have a newly opened fish shop next to their restaurant. If I ever need fresh fish to cook it I would definitely buy it from them.


4 thoughts on “Lubin – Restaurant Review

  1. Looks like such a lovely meal Beatrice! As a side note, I find it really strange that here in the US, it’s not common to find fish served whole (like in your last picture). I happen to think it has a rustic appeal served this way…the food look so delicious! ;).

    1. Oh wow that’s an interesting fact! I do know some people who don’t like to have animals served in their natural shape because it reminds them of it having lived but then I think that one should be aware that one is consuming animals and appreciate it more :)

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