Autumn nesting

The past few days it rained with no end in sight in Vienna and I knew I had to acquire scenting candles.
I really never was into scented candles but somehow the London Trip converted me (lots of awesome scented candles in the shops, the Brits seem to love it to bits).

The Mister and me bought in Muji a candle which smells lovely of Hinoki wood.


In Marionaud I bought a room scent from Evoka – African dream. It was around 19€ and I think its a bit too sweet for me that’s why I am going to try out the room scents from Ipuro which have very high reviews on Amazon. The scents from Ipuro can be bought in Depot, Bipa and Müller (which I just recently discovered since I am still new in this whole scent business.) ;)



Some days ago I bought lots of scented candles from Parks and I can’t wait for them to arrive! The candles are quite pricey but the quality is accordingly.
The candles will be Christmas presents and since friends are reading my blog I don’t want to spoil the surprise just yet!

Generally I love a fresh smell (similar to laundry), wood notes or amber but also citrus.

Are you into scented candles as well? What is your favourite smell? Can you recommend me a specific brand for candles? :)


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