Magic Matcha Custard Cake

Have you heard of the magic custard cake?
You make one dough and in the oven that one mass magically transforms into two different layers. On top is a yummy cake layer and at the bottom a pudding like texture.
I wanted to try this cake out for ages and since my sister came over for a tea afternoon I thought it was time to take on the challenge and see for myself!

I got the Magic Matcha Custard Cake from Raspberri Cupcakes so please check out her wonderful recipe on her website. Maybe I’ll try out a chocolate version next time but I really loved the matcha flavour with a similar mochi texture of a pudding.
Making the dough was not really hard, it does take some time and lots of washing up later though but all is worth it! ;)




Forgot to take pictures of the tea put we had white oolong with rose and lychee flavour from Haas&Haas!


6 thoughts on “Magic Matcha Custard Cake

    1. Matcha an sich selber hast du aber schonmal probiert? Ich liebe Matcha und backe sehr gerne damit. Manche mögen den bitteren Unterton von Matcha nicht, aber in Süßigkeiten verbacken kenne ich bisher keinen der so etwas verschmäht und als unkomplizierten und einfachen Einstieg empfehle ich Matcha Kekse :)

  1. Oh wow, this turned out so beautiful…just as beautiful as the one on the Raspberri Cupcake site! I think I’m going to have to make for myself sometime soon! :)

    1. Thanks Bonnie! Yes I was so relieved that the cake recipe actually worked haha had my doubts but it is really lovely, I think you would like it too, especially for the matcha taste and the pudding/mochi texture :)

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