Foodsharing Party

Foodsharing is a great campaign and initiative against food waste, the members use, share and save food from being wasted, after being inspired after the movie “Taste the Waste”.
More information on their great work can be found on their homepage.
They have their first food sharing party tomorrow from 11pm-2am with info booths, exhibitions, screenings and a party with live music to give out the message: cherrish food!
I sadly won’t attend due to my work schedule but I think it would interest some of you and is probably a lot of fun. :)



Their facebook page is here with more information on the specific activities they will offer.
Hope you can attend! (and tell me how it was!)


2 thoughts on “Foodsharing Party

    1. Before you throw food away you can’t or won’t eat anymore you can post online what you have and others can pick them up :) it’s quite simple! Yes, especially since so much energy is used to produce food, it’s a shame a lot of food gets thrown away even if it is still edible.

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