Tart’a Tata

Nothing better than strolling around the city and tanking up on energy with some cakes. Sadly our favourite go-to place, namely Brass monkey (cupcakes!!), is closed for vacation. Tart’a Tata had to substitute and we weren’t disappointed.


They have an open view kitchen and the huge tarts cooling off at the window are the perfect advertisement.




I went with this lovely brownie fraised 3,9€ and the Mister had the chocolate cake version of mine for 3,8€.
They also had huge macarons! Maybe next time.


Both tasted great, I loved his cake more though. It was still warm, out of the oven and was gooey chocolatey but not too heavy, with a nice crunch from the base.

So do try out their tarts if you have the chance or let me know if you have any favourites from Tart’a Tata :)



2 thoughts on “Tart’a Tata

  1. Oh, man! Now I want me some pastries from that place! The first time I went there I had the lemon tarte. It was soooo good that I have never tried anything else, as tempting as the other things seem to be. I’m stuck :)

    1. Oh thanks for the tip, I never had their lemon tart but I really love those and will be sure to try it out the next time I am there and it is available :) their almond croissant is heavenly as well!

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