Drinks in Summer

The temperatures which have been quite pleasant so far rose and we have around 30-33°C here in Vienna.

I am far more comfortable with temperatures around 20-25°C and shy away from the heat as much as I can.
Since keeping yourself hydrated in summer is very important I thought I’d make a short post about different drinks that are perfect for my summer!

The first drinks I want to mention are the biological (alcohol-free) cocktails from Voelkel, which can be found at Denn’s Biomarkt. I especially love the flavour of Caipirinha and Chai Mango, so refreshing and authentic! Pina Colada did not taste that great though, better to make it yourself!


My favourite Fentimans drink is the CherryTree Cola. It is super sweet and reminds me of my favourite cherry coke gummi bears from Bärenland.


You gotta try them, half a kilo is just about 3,8€ and they have the perfect soft texture.


Qcucumber water is not something I can drink pure since the cucumber taste is too strong for my liking but it is great for cocktails. Especially great for cucumber enthusiasts ;)
I have seen it being sold at the Pie Factory and 12munchies.


Last but not least, cooled down Korean barley tea. I can’t give up on tea no matter the temperature! Got mine from Coco but you can get barley tea from Nakwon, the korean supermarket in Vienna. I just love the nutty flavour it has.




6 thoughts on “Drinks in Summer

  1. I wish I could try some of these! I think I can get the Fentiman’s soda here in the US, but I’m really curious what the cucumber one tastes like. Love your pictures Beatrice! ;)

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