Huth Da Moritz – Restaurant Review

Nearly exactly one year ago I already did a blog post about Da Moritz and was wowed by their three-course lunch.


After months of raving about their food I finally went there again with the Mister.


We didn’t nibble too much on the bread and olives since we had a three-course dinner with a 800g steak for the main course and needed the space.


Steak demands some nicely cooled coke. Perfect combination!


Antipasti da Moritz. If that isn’t a huge antipasti platter, I don’t know what is.

On the left was tasty ham, in the middle huge chunks of mozzarella with pesto, tomatoes and basil and on the right an even bigger portion of beef tartar with a super crisp bread on top. Behind the beef tartar you can make out the perfectly grilled bread with amazing tomato spread. Oh and of course the prosciutto on the thin bread sticks.


The beef tartar was my favourite! I just loved the flavours and the soft texture in contrast with the crunchy bread.


The waiter came with our 800gram Bistecca and cut it evenly into 400g pieces. We ordered it medium rare and it was definitely just medium but the beef was still very tasty and juicy.

It may look small on that large plate but we were quickly stuffed. I can recommend this dish to any meat lover!


The fries were so tasty as well, shame I could not eat that many. The were served with three dips which I forgot to take a picture of – whoopsies. Too busy eating ;)


The dinner ended with a refreshing iced tiramisu. The perfect size, I don’t think I could have eaten a bigger serving.

The food was delicious and great but the Bistecca was too much for us. We probably should not have had the entrée but then we would have missed that amazing beef tartar. harhar.
Finally got to make that joke ;)

Have a nice weekend everyone!




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