Eisgreissler is a great ice-cream shop which specialises on regional and seasonal ice-cream made with biological Austrian milk and no additives/preservatives whatsoever. Even the soy milk ice-cream is made from Austrian produced soy which impressed me. When Eisgreissler opened in 2011 nobody would have thought how huge their success will be, since at Schwedenplatz there is a great number of ice-cream shops. Every time I would walk by their shop at Rotenturmstraße 14 there is a huuuuge line. They even hired securities in summer to help people queue properly. crazy!

I am glad they opened a second location in Vienna at Neubaugasse since I am not really fond of queuing.  So when I strolled by on Sunday and saw an empty shop I knew I was up for some ice-cream!


I love their interior, especially the combination of white and blue.



I chose pumpkin seed and butter cookie ice-cream. So delicious and perfect for the hot weather!


They have lots of very interesting combinations some of them lass tasty than others (thinking of the wild garlic ice-cream here) but I do love their goat cheese ice-cream.
It tastes more like goats milk and paired with something fresh and fruity like elderberries or pear ice-cream is the perfect combination.



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