Tea Time with Coco

Is there anything better than meeting friends and sharing yummy food and delicious tea?


Inari sushi is so easy and simple to make, a great lunch/dinner if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands!


For dessert we had apple strudel with vegan coconut ice-cream which can be found in Veganz, the new vegan supermarket.

And finally on to the best, the tea!


We started of with this Tibetan tea, sadly I cannot tell you the exact name but I can ask Coco if you want to know.


and moved on to this great oolong with peach flavour and rose petals.

Mochis were in the violet box with two flavours which were matcha and cinnamon, I was too busy munching them to snap some pictures ;)


Coco has the loveliest garden hidden away, see for yourself!


The perfect place to escape the heat in Vienna.


Guess this was more of a random post but I just had to post about that lovely oolong and another restaurant post is coming up anyway ;)



2 thoughts on “Tea Time with Coco

    1. Oh you know Lupicia Tea? I never have seen in on sale in Austria and was delighted about its taste. I had problems recalling the taste, you got me here ;) yes it felt a bit like the secret garden!

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