Ströck Feierabend – Restaurant Review

Ströck Feierabend recently opened near Landstraße and already has been praised by many for their breakfast and their dinner.
I immediately liked their concept of using mainly regional and saisonal fruit, vegetables (they even have their own garden in the 22th district) and meat and finally had a chance to drop by.

The Mister and me went with the recommendation of the waitress and opted for the marinated heart cherries with their home-made yoghurt sorbet instead of cake.


It is the perfect summer dessert! I expected less cherries but a small hill of delicious cherries carried the refreshing sorbet with a huge brittle on top.
Definitely a great dessert that lets the seasonal fruit shine without distracting from it.


The ice tea the Mister ordered was a bit bitter, it really tasted like plain and pure tea but some sweetness was missing.
The glasses look so pretty though.



Trying to act normal. On all other pictures I look like some crazy cake monster.


After food I sneaked inside to take some dessert home and after a long time (can you blame me?) in front of the huge display of delicious baked goods I chose the  crème brûlée Krapfen.


I did not expect it to be so good!
As soon as we got home I snapped some pictures and then sliced this pretty piece in half. Oh my I did not expect it to be filled to the brim with vanilla custard.



The caramel crunch on top with that oozing vanilla goodness is just out of this world.

We stuffed our faces with it and lived happily ever after! ;)

Have a great week-end everyone!


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