Summer is the perfect time for grilled awesome food!

If you lack a grill like me don’t despair and just visit your nearest Balkan grill!
I must confess I never had a pljeskavica before the Mister introduced me to them but now I am hooked!

In case you are new to them, pljeskavica is a dish eaten at the Balkans (if you haven’t guessed yet ;)), which is a patty made out of different blends of meat (mostly pork and beef) and served with bread and small side dishes like onions. Never skip the onions the pljeskavica will only taste half as good. Even if you are on a date, no skipping!
Watch out for a Balkan grill using a charcoal grill, there is a huge difference in flavour and taste!


Here Coco and me had one at Top Grill at the Yppenmarkt.

They are so yummy and cheap for only 3,5€ and for 4€ you get one which is stuffed with cheese and ham.
Look how excited I am!


City Grill is near my home, glad I don’t have to drive so far anymore for one :)




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