The Woman in Gold

From the 22 June onwards some scenes for the movie “The Woman in Gold” are being filmed in Vienna.

But let me tell you how I discovered all of this.

On my last day of University  I went to the library near Votivkirche to pick up my books i reserved when I noticed two old-timers.
I snapped some pictures and noticed that on the license plate was the ss symbol which (I guess most of you know) belonged to the Nazis.


Instantly my fascination for the cars turned to disbelief and I thought indignantly: Is this even legal?!
I checked my surrounding if anyone saw this outrageous symbol as well and then only noticed the film set which explained everything.
Vienna is not that popular with the movie industrie besides Nazi movies I guess. But then again what do I know about that ;)


The situation was so funny of me being all confused and how I stumbled onto this set.

Google revealed to me the name of the movie and the next day I discovered a small article about it in the newspaper.

Have you ever stumbled upon a movie set? Or did you read about one and went there on purpose?
I wish I could have been on set for Harry Potter but then again my acting skills are close to zero and that’s that ;)


4 thoughts on “The Woman in Gold

  1. I love period films so now you have me interested in what “The Woman in Gold” is all about! Here in LA, you will often come across film sets. Usually it’s more of a thrilling experience, and less puzzling than your initial encounter seemed to be (I like your indignant reaction–it’s a good thing). =) And ditto on the Harry Potter bit! The closest I’ve gotten to seeing a HP set is going shopping at Borough Market (Diagon Alley) in London and catching a train at King’s Cross Station (Platform 9 3/4) during my last visit to the UK. :)

    1. Yes the movie set got me interested as well! From what I read the movie is about a woman who is suing the Republic of Austria to get famous paintings back that the Nazis stole from her family when they had to flee Austria. Haha yes I can imagine that LA is busy with movies! Yes I am already so excited about my London trip in August and already have those two on my to-see-list! Not sure I can make it to the Universal Studios for the HP Tour but I will definitely go the next time :)

  2. How exciting that you are going to London in August! I would LOVE to go to the HP Tour in London someday soon. I have a feeling the Orlando, Florida HP Tour isn’t nearly as awesome as the UK one. Nobody told me this, I just have a feeling…:)

    1. I think both are very interesting and magical ;) I recently heard that in Florida they opened new attractions like Diagonal Alley! But then again my sister told me that in Universal Studios Japan they also have a HP section. Hope I can visit all three :)

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