Sorry for my lack in postings this week but university exams kept me busy. Now my holidays have started and I can focus on my thesis but will have a lot more time to blog! I already have lots of stories and pictures just waiting to be published! Yay!

Zweitbester is a hip restaurant with a minimalistic New York Style, located in the 4th district near Naschmarkt.



I always love a good burger and looked forward to their burger which got quite some praise by friends and others.


Sadly the cheeseburger did not wow me at all and the roast potatoes were way too salty. The bun, cheese and patty tasted only mediocre.

Definitely on a lower level than the yummy burgers I had at Said the Butcher to the Cow or Burgermacher.


The fruity lemonade was nice and refreshing though.

I will give the restaurant another chance and will try something different from the menu, shame that the burger did not impress me.

And yes I tend to forget to take pictures of the interior because I am way to preoccupied with the food. Also I think the quality and taste of the food is more important than the ambience and interior of a restaurant. That just explains my lack of interior pictures on the blog but I am working on it!

Have a nice weekend! :)




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