Daily Deal – Tandoor – no recommendation

In case you are not familiar with Daily Deal, it is a company that offers you huge discounts to get to know other companies/restaurants and make their money from the deals that the people do not redeem.
I have used this site for a long time now and know that sometimes you are lucky and have a great deal and sometimes it wasn’t worth the money but this was totally different. The Mister and me went to the Restaurant Tandoor (my dad gave us the voucher as a present worth 30€) but we could not use it for both our meals and drinks apparently even though it was not stated anywhere on the voucher.
So we had to pay the second meal plus drinks which I think is outrageous and unfair. We had a voucher for 30€ and used it up for the Misters portion of 18,5€ with no refund or salvage value. We had a long discussion with the waiter, who first agreed with us but then again said we had to use the voucher on one person only.
The food did not taste bad but the prices are way off for the portions they serve.

tandoor15€ Murg Makhni

tandoor 14€ Murg Korma

I now wrote Daily Deal after trying to call them but only got pre-made answers with not even the chance to speak to a staff member.
Then I wrote a detailed email with me getting another pre-written email back, thanking me for the feedback and more fun next time I buy a deal.

Well thank you very much *sarcasm* for the none-existing customer service.
In my opinion the only option for me left is to complain online and no recommendation for both companies.
I will as a protest definitely not buy anything from Daily Deal again.

Sorry that this is such a negative post but I am really annoyed with both Daily Deal and the restaurant Tandoor and the money I unnecessarily had to spend.



5 thoughts on “Daily Deal – Tandoor – no recommendation

  1. You are so funny, and your first (unedited) sentence is so true. I purchased a voucher only once in the past, and the restaurant closed down shortly after, before I was able to redeem the voucher. How lame right? No matter how good the food is, you can’t ever make up for bad customer service. Better luck next time girl. :)

    1. Uh not the best first experience with vouchers.. Are you staying clear of vouchers now? Yes I can totally agree, a very bad service sadly ruins the whole dining experience and then I am unable to enjoy the food. Thanks, I am positive about that :)

  2. Ugh, sorry you have to put up with this crap. A friend of mine almost started a job with Daily Deal, but it didn’t work out in the end. It’s probably better for him, but otherwise I could have given you a direct contact to complain to :-) I usually do Groupon, and their customer service has been good. I also bought a voucher for a place that went out of business before I could redeem it, but I got my money back immediately.

    1. Haha that’s sweet thank you, probably for the best, I do hope he found something better and is happy with his job :) Oh yes I used to buy vouchers from both providers and I can totally agree with you! Groupon has a far better customer-service and I never had problems with them about getting my money back either!

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