Karigane Tea – Paper & Tea

If you haven’t noticed yet, I am a huge tea lover! I drink tea everyday and especially love green tea.

Online I stumbled over the tea shop which is located in Berlin named Paper & Tea. The shipping costs where quite high but luckily my parents were going to Berlin anyway and agreed on stopping by for me. Yay! I gave them a list but somehow they did not have anything in stock what I wanted but with the advice of the sales woman they got me an interesting selection.  They ended up bringing me An Ji Bai Cha, Karigane and Sakura No.

I love the website and presentation of the different teas, all the details on how the aroma will be and also the colour of the tea when brewed.


Karigane is not mainly made up by tea leaves but stems from the tea plants and if the only component is sencha the tea is actually called Kukicha. In my case the tea is made up by Sencha and Gyokura First Flush, thus a true Karigane ;)


The tea is very low in caffeine and is a  good source for minerals and trace elements.


For me the taste of the first brew slightly flowery in the beginning but ends with a long lasting umami flavour.


The second brew is more earthy, the flower component is gone and the tea as a more solid taste with a sweet finish.

I mostly forget to make more brews but Karigane can be brewed several times.


Have you tried Karigane or Kukicha? Do you like it as well or prefer some other tea like Sencha?



2 thoughts on “Karigane Tea – Paper & Tea

  1. Oh wow, paper and tea!? How clever! Just visited their site…looks like they some amazing stuff. I haven’t tried either tea–will have to find some or order from their site! Looks like your parents have really great taste…the teapot is so beautiful!

    1. You probably won`t have too many problems finding Karigane or Kukicha in the US but do try some! I have to say I prefer Karigane to Gyokuro and it is a lot cheaper! Haha they actually have no clue about tea but since I gave them a list with only green teas the shop woman knew what to pick out for me ;) thank you! I love anything tea related and need to stop buying tea pots but they are just so pretty! :)

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