Himmelblau – Restaurant review

The name Himmelblau often came up in conversations of friends and blogs and finally I had my chance to visit this charming place with Lisa yesterday.

It is near the u-bahn station Währingerstraße just one stop away with the 40 or 41 tram (and thus also perfect to reach from Schottentor).

The location is at Kutschkermarkt in the 18th district and now in summer they have a lovely schanigarten outside but we decided to stay inside, which was nice and cool.

What I immediately loved was the shabby chic interior, a very dominant white with pops of blue – that’s why the name Himmelblau which means sky blue :)



When you enter you pass by the cake showcase which is hard to pass by. So many tasty looking cakes and I had a hard time choosing.

In the end I went with the recommended summery and fresh strawberry yoghurt cake and Lisa had raspberry mascarpone and almond cake.



The cake slices were huge and we had a hard time finishing them even if they were so delicious. The prices for the cake were also only 3,8€ which surprised us both. Normal price for huge and delicious cakes? Heck yes more of that please!
To walk off some of those calories we took the tram (contradicting myself there haha) to Aumannplatz and sat there in the park surrounded my blooming roses and very active blackbirds.

I even made a video. I am quite new to making videos but I am trying to learn video editing because I want to make a vacation video when I am in London.
Do you have any experience with video editing or recommendations for those special programmes?


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