Figar – Restaurant Review

Another restaurant I want to show you is in the 7th district in Vienna, Figar.

It is perfect for lunch since they have a daily lunch menu for just 6,9€ and with a soup only 7,9€, although I also heard people praising their breakfast.
I rarely eat breakfast in restaurants though so lunch it had to be :)
On such a sunny day I just had to meet with two friends of mine for lunch and we luckily got a place outside.


I chose the lunch menu with wild garlic soup. The taste of the soup was great and surprisingly was quite a big portion for just 1€.


We three all chose the shrimp and courgette risotto so not too many food pictures in this post sadly.
Beside the food I loved the very friendly and attentive service, big plus!

Very interesting and artsy “print” on their wall, this is just a small detail of the whole picture.

I will be back for some more lunch!


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