Writing Process Blog Tour

I love interactive blog tours so when Bonnie from Thristy for Tea asked me to participate I was thrilled and just had to say yes even though my writing process is quite unspectacular and really spontaneous.  You can see though how much thought Bonnie gives every post because her pictures are always so beautiful and perfect. She has the great balance of very original and creative DIY tutorials, yummy recipes and other topics. I just love reading her blog and not just because I am a huge Tea-holic, so do check out her blog :)

Now on to the questions:

·        1) What am I working on?

As mentioned earlier I do not plan a lot of posts beforehand. I just enjoy photography and spontaneously share my pictures and the story with it. I am currently working on a longer post though which is also a bit different from my usual blog posts. Similar to a to-do and see on street x (I still want to keep it as a secret ;)). Not sure when I will be finished with this one though.

·        2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I am really just posting about things and topics that interest me and don’t really have a strict plan. Most things I write about are Vienna or food related. It is not a very personal blog but I do show a lot of activities which seems a bit personal to me. So as you can see I am very flexible writer and just type what comes to my mind.

·        3) Why do I write what I do?

First of all, I will be more motivated to bring my camera more often if I know people will take a peek at them and they won’t just disappear on my external drive. Second, I am really fond of my home town Vienna and wish to spread my personal “adventures” or just like to recommend various places and activities. Also it gives me the great opportunity meeting other people (online) from all over the world which is a lot of fun! And since I love food, my friends always ask me for restaurant recommendations and the internet loves them as well.

·        4) How does your writing process work?

I normally go out (mostly with the Mister), take some pictures and then sooner or later will write my blog post in one sitting and post it. Just like that. Not much forward planning. Actually I do have a section in my planer where I wrote topics down for my blog but I somehow always forget about it. I will work on it though when I am less busy and finished with my bachelor thesis :)

The Writing Blog Tour continuous with Ann now, you can drop by her blog on June the 9th when she will be answering the same questions about her writing process :)

And now to the blogger I am featuring andAnn is the writer behind HOW TO: enjoy Lactosefree. Lactoseintolerant. 20. university student. Vienna.
These are the keywords to the “HOW TO: enjoy lactosefree”-blog by Ann.
She found out about her intolerance more than a year ago and has since changed her entire shopping, cooking and eating. And know what? It’s not that difficult – sometimes it’s even fun to find out about new recipes and products and to try and enjoy them. That is Ann’s passion and her reason for having this blog.


5 thoughts on “Writing Process Blog Tour

  1. Beatrice–I love that you are organic and natural about what you decide on posting about. I can sense that same simplicity and effortlessness in your photography, which is exactly why I love your blog! Thanks again for participating…can’t wait to see that longer post you are working on!!

    1. Oh no I am sorry, I wanted to remind you but then also forgot and then it was already time to post this :( but if you still want to participate and have time, you are welcome to do so and I will add a link to your blog as well :)

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