My Chili

Seeing my chili plant actually growing some chili got me pretty excited the last few days!
Sadly my first chili plant died on the Misters Balcony and this year I bought two, just to be sure.
I keep them indoors and did not know if it would work out if I pollinated my plants by myself but as you can see I was successful!

Will let you know when I harvest them how spicy they are but since they are naga jolokia they should be very fiery ;)


What are you growing at the moment?
I think it is such a great feeling of getting to harvest something you grew yourself. So rewarding :)


2 thoughts on “My Chili

  1. I’m about to move in to a new place in 2 weeks. Maybe I’ll get some herb or veggie plants to grow then! Small peppers are so cute, they often are the most spicy hot too! Good things come in small packages. ;)

    1. Oh wow that sounds exciting but also a bit stressful! I helped my sister move three times already and I don’t think anybody owns ore than her ;) Exactly! I also prefer small tomatoes, cute but full of flavour! If I had to chose just one herb or plant to grow in my kitchen, it would be basil. I just love the smell and it is soo much better fresh :)

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