Joseph Brot Bistro

I already wrote about that tasty vanilla cream pastry I bought here but somehow totally forgot to write about my lunch there.
A bit late but better than never, let me show you the yummy food I had with Coco and her sister.


The bistro is not that big and most tables are occupied so I’d recommend to come by after peak hours if you don’t like to wait.


After the joys of finding a free table without any wait came the crucial task of deciding what to eat.
It took quite some time but I opted for the cacao with Joseph bread salad. The salad was huuuge and really tasty!
The bread served with the salad was pan-fried with butter and was just so lovely in combination with the greens. Definitely a great idea to try out at home as well!

I was not too fond of the cacao though which had a lot of lumps.


Coco took the Green Detox smoothie with a stove baked omelette with pumpkin, tomatoes and ricotta and bread and her sister took  green risotto with orange peels and cheese.

Shooting_vienna_josephbrot Shooting_vienna_josephbrot


Satisfied with the food but still wanting to try out more we took a peek at the beautiful crafted cakes and sweets at the counter.

For desserts I went with the carrot and speculoos muffin and Coco chose the buttermilk cake with elderberries rhubarb and strawberries.



I really liked the design, it looks so pretty!

Joseph Brot belongs to the more expensive bread sellers compared to others but they do focus on biological sourced products and traditional bread making. And since we absorb a lot of the things we consume I think it is always good to look out for quality products.
Have you been to Joseph Brot already and what is your opinion?




3 thoughts on “Joseph Brot Bistro

  1. I haven’t been to Joseph Brot, but I do have some opinions! ;) First off, is there is cacao in the salad? Second, an orange peel green risotto sounds so intriguing! Last, your carrot and speculoos muffin looks AMAZING! Thanks for another awesome post and all these beautiful pictures!! :)

    1. No the salad is cacao free but I did have hot chocolate as a drink, which I meant with cacao. Sorry for confusing you but since we say in German Kakao I just translated it to cacao haha. Thanks! I definitely will be back and post some more about their great food :)

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