The Fig Eater – Jody Shields

The weather at the moment is cold and rainy, the perfect weather to roll yourself in a blanket, make your own cocoon with it, sip some hot tea and get immersed in some book.
I bought the novel “The Fig Eater” a while ago and thought I should read it again.


It is 1910 in Vienna, the body of a young girl (Dora – the celebrated patient of Freud) is found in the Volksgarten. Using the latest forensic methods and psychological thinking, the Chief Inspector of Police begins his painstaking search for the killer. He is not alone however. His wife Erszébet – an exotic, passionate woman steeped in the folk tales and Gypsy lore of her native Hungary – becomes obsessed with the dead girl. In secret, and enlisting the help of a young English governess, she conducts her own investigation of the murder, guided by intuition, instinct and superstition.
The reviews on Amazon are very mixed and I can see why. The story leaves many questions unanswered, especially between the Inspector and his wife but I love the description of 20th Century Vienna and the forensic research at that time. Also photography in tha era of time was a very dangerous task, often resulting in the loss of fingers. Nothing like today which I am glad about!



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