Lunch at Spear

Located on Neubaugasse it is perfect to have lunch there when I have get back to university again I just need to hop into the bus 13a.
They have a lunch menu but I always  opt for a burger since it is the most plausible thing to do, the homepage makes your mouth water :)


Went there again with Kerstin and we enjoyed the honey mustard chicken burger 8,9€. Sadly they changed the chunky but crispy fries to thin slices, but it was still tasty with that sour cream sauce.
After food we did some shopping at Femosa and had a fun time exploring all the new items one does not need but are too cute not to buy. I tell you, the perfect place to find presents!
Saying our goodbyes I met with the Mister for a quick and yummy cupcake at Brass Monkey. If you have been there you won’t want to go to any other cupcake place in Vienna ;)


The best days are spent with the lovely company of friends and good food.

Have a nice week everyone!


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