Song Contest Rambling

I did not actively watch the final of the Eurovision Song Contest when it aired but I felt really happy that Conchita Wurst won for Austria (the last time Austria won was 1966- aaages ago!).

She did a great job and did not only show the sceptics and haters in Austria what she is capable of with that lovely voice.
Also the beard makes her even more interesting, and she is with it by far more beautiful than most men AND woman so I don’t get all those hate comments.
And no I don’t think that one has to choose to look either like a man or a woman, be more open-minded.

Hello 21st century!

PS: And of course I wish you all a Happy Mothers Day :)


5 thoughts on “Song Contest Rambling

  1. Ich war so gefesselt am Samstag :-) Besonders, als dann die ganze Halle beim Refrain mitgesungen hat… wow!
    Da kann man wirklich stolz sein, tolle Stimme, Bart hin oder her. Ich habe die ganze Aufregung schon von Anfang an nicht verstanden, aber egal: jetzt hat sie’s ja allen gezeigt :-))

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