Joseph Brot Bistro

Finally the promised post about Joseph Brot Bistro is here! Drum roll please!

I have sometimes visited their first shop but now that their Bistro has opened I can’t help but drop there by more often because they have pâtisserie section and everything is just so beautiful.
What is better than bread than skilfully crafted pieces of desserts that look so pretty? I know stupid question.


After a hard time deciding I opted with the French vanilla crème pastry and it was way better than I expected!
Glad I listened on my gut and went with this option since my friend took the hazelnut cake but thought it was only ok.


The vanilla crème was like pudding but best of all was the pastry on top which was caramelized and gave everything a nice balanced flavour and this whole huge chunk was not at any moment boring.

The prices are quite high at Joseph Brot but I would pay 4,8€ for that delicious pastry again, so worth it!


2 thoughts on “Joseph Brot Bistro

  1. Ah, for that cute little box with a treasure inside, definitely looks like the extra $ is worth it! Another place added to my Vienna to-do list! =)

    1. Yeah the taste and quality are definitely worth the extra bucks! Joseph Brot is quite famous I already saw it featured in some international food magazines :)

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