Erster Mai – Stadtpark

The first of May is a holiday in Austria, celebrating the labour movement and is an important day for the social democratic party.
Entertainment and cheaper entries to rides lure lots of people to the Viennese Prater which I always avoid since I am not a fan of huge crowds of people and I hate queuing.
I rather enjoy this sunny and lovely day in a park with my best friend, relaxing and catching up on each others lives.


We strolled around Stadtpark which was well visited and watched ducks happily floating on the water and best of all, I had the opportunity to snap a grey heron in action while it was catching and gulping down a red gleaming fish in just a few seconds. Those birds are so elegant and it did not seem bothered at all about the spectators watching it.



plenty of fish in the pond

I actually wanted to stalk some baby ducks I saw a week ago but they hid quite well but the grey heron definitely made up for it :)

Later Erwin and me dropped by Joseph Brot Bistro but details will be in the next post, so stay tuned!
PS: I had a French vanilla cream slice with puff pastry and it was soooo good!


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