Ferrari Natural Gelato

If you take a walk in Vienna you always stumble over new shops and restaurants. Yesterday the Mister and me wanted to go to Kurt (my favourite frozen yoghurt place) but discovered this newly opened two days ago to be correct gelato place! Since we are both huge gelato fans the frozen yoghurt had to wait.


We entered the small shop and immediately got lots of samples to try. We loved the raspberry and nougat ice cream, the dark choco was a bit too intense for us.
In the end I went with cassata and pistachio which both tasted really authentic and delicious.
The Mister had raspberry, vanilla and nougat.
The other flavours intrigue me a lot, for example dolce Samuel which is white choco ice cream with hazelnut crunch or dolce Gino which is ricotta creme with caramelized figs!

shoting_vienna_ferrarigelat shoting_vienna_ferrarigelat

I forgot the exact prices but I think two scoops were 2,5€? I will be there soon again and update this post, in the meantime if you crave interesting and yummy gelato don’t hesitate and go there asap! It is located at Krugerstraße which is a side street of Kärtnerstraße near Karlsplatz. They don’t have a website yet so I can’t tell you the exact address but it is not too hard to find :)


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