Kusmi Tea in Donauzentrum

Last Monday the first Kusmi Shop opened in Vienna, in the shopping centre Donauzentrum.


The bright shop which is held white is offering open tins with the tea to smell and decide which one to purchase. Prince Vladimir seemed nice but he could not come home just yet since I have already quite a few teas I need to finish first.
In the corner they also offer Løv tea which I always wanted to try out and now saw my chance.
The fruity smell and blend of Løv is beautiful caught my attention the most, a blend of white, green and rooibos tea with pieces of mango and pineapple and peach and apricot aroma.

What I liked there was that if you buy Løv or Kusmi tea, you get taste samples to which brand you bought. I got 6 sachets of Løv is good tea and one Jasmin tea bag.




I like more subtle tea with less aromas added but I do enjoy the Kusmi Detox tea with its lemon aroma, lemon grass and mix of green tea and mate tea.
The metal tins are elegant and practical for stacking and make a great gift. I myself got those five tiny cute little tins with Kusmi Tea from Kerstin for my Birthday.


Strawberry green tea and green tea with scents of Moroccan spearmint make me think I am sniffing some very strong flavoured bubble gum. Rose green tea is more to my liking and makes me wish I had some Turkish delight for consumption. Behind the title Imperial label is a blend of green tea with orange, vanilla and cinnamon, liquorice roots and sea buckthorn berries. The smell is exotic and quite pleasant. Ginger lemon green tea is more simple and down to earth. Let’s see, tea always smell stronger than they taste so maybe the ones that don’t intrigue me that much aren’t that bad.

Most teas from Kusmi have a very intensive smell and they often remind me of scented candles. Do you feel the same way? Or do you love that strong waft of aroma?



2 thoughts on “Kusmi Tea in Donauzentrum

  1. Love this! I do like a strong aroma in the tea blend, but the aroma has to be natural. I found out the other day that one of the teas I liked has artificial cherry flavoring, which made it much less appealing. Gotta get that Prince Vladimir next time Beatrice! =)

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