said the butcher to the cow – restaurant review

A new burger place opened recently “said the butcher to the cow” on Opernring 11 and the Mister and me just had to try it out. We love good burgers and this place seemed promising.


When you get inside you stand immediately in front of the bar and the DJ. The restaurant is more minimalistic with small details pointing to the two important words here: butcher and cow. You can hang your clothes on hooks that look like cow ears or hooks where butchers hang the meat.


They have an extensive Gin menu and also very interesting cheesecakes and thirteen burgers to choose from.

I went with the Pulpo n Pork Burger 13,3€ which is a mix of pork with octopus and the Mister with the Bacon and Cheeseburger 10,5€.
Side dishes are included and you can choose between steak fries, polenta fries, rosemary potato rösti, ceasar salad, salad with lemon dressing or coleslaw.

After quite a wait about 20-25 minutes the food finally arrived and let me tell you, the smell alone was fantastic.

shooting_vienna_butchers shooting_vienna_butchers

The aromatic sauce served with the Pulpo n Pork Burger fit perfectly with it and the polenta fries. I would order this burger again in a heartbeat!



The Mister enjoyed his Bacon Burger as well and raved about the caramelized onions and the great taste of the cheddar. The meat wasn’t done medium rare on the lava stone grill but he could live with that.

The service was friendly but did not seem that experienced, also we had to wait for everything quite a while since the restaurant was packed and there were not enough waiters or so it seemed.

Will return anytime soon, the restaurant can be easily reserved online here.




14 thoughts on “said the butcher to the cow – restaurant review

    1. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did, just loved the whole dish :) oh and don’t forget to make a reservation they are quite booked out on weekends. And thanks a lot for the reblog, can’t wait to hear your verdict!

  1. Hat dies auf Everyday life in Vienna rebloggt und kommentierte:
    I’ve been wanting to check this out , and a fellow blogger beat me to it :D What I like about it is their selection of meat. The cows are chosen and butchered by the chef himself, and so there is much more ‘control’ than what can be expected at an average burger bar. Anyway! Enjoy this blog post from Beatrice! :-)

  2. What a fabulously unique flavour combination. I am crazy about octopus and am sure I would love this dish!

  3. dich muss cih mir merken – was du vorstellst könnte mir auch gefallen :) von dem restaurant hab ich kürzlich schon gehört. wenn ich es endlich mal ins flatschers geschafft habe, steht das als nächstes auf meiner liste :D

    1. Danke das freut mich :)
      Haha ja ins Flatschers hab ichs jetzt leider auch nur einmal geschafft, das Steak war aber echt echt gut und meinem Freund hat der Burger auch sehr geschmeckt!
      Kann ich also empfehlen, die Kellner sind auch sehr freundlich und nett. Ins neue Flatschers Bistro muss ich aber auch noch ;)

      1. ja es sind alle super begeistert davon und ich hab 2 wirklich gute kritiken gelesen und nachdem ich grade aus amerika zurück bin würde das demnächst gut passen :) das bistro schaut auch super nett aus – ach man könnte dauernd essen gehen ;)

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