Tea Seminar at Demmers Teehaus Headquarters

This tea seminar which I attended with the Mister was the special event I mentioned in my previous blog post! Bet you did not see that coming ;)
As most of you know, I love tea especially green tea and this seminar was about japanese green teas and matcha.

The seminar took place at the headquarters near the U6 station Siebenhirten and lasted from 6 – 8pm.
The welcome drink we got was an Indian green tea, supposedly to taste the difference between this and the Japanese green teas.


I loved the room we were in, it was like an old tea tin museum. I love old metal tins especially tea tins and have my own small collection I must confess.



The tea tasting was the more exciting part since the Mister and me already knew most of the theoretical stuff.
All in all we tasted 11 teas and I discovered the lovely flavour of the tamaryokucha (also known as guricha), which has a more fruity flavour due to the leaves being steamed.


After the normal green teas we had matcha made in 4 different ways. I loved the matcha banana smoothie but really disliked matcha Sevilla which was matcha with orange juice.
The drink was really unbalanced and somehow the flavours did not fit. Did you ever try matcha with orange juice? If not, do you think it fits or would you try it out?

I sadly did not make many pictures of the tasting itself since my camera was low on battery.. I seriously need to check it more often for important events. Next time then!
Although we drank all those green teas the Mister and I went to sleep very fast and were not affected by the theine. Matcha does help me to stay focus and more concentrated while studying though :)


To sum it up: The teas seminar is more for green tea beginners and people who are new to Japanese green teas. They give a general overview but do not go too much into detail.
Also since it was called a green tea and matcha seminar I thought we would get more in-depth information about the different matcha grades etc. which sadly was not mentioned.
I did learn that the quality of sencha varies widely and can be similar to gyokuro or bancha, depending on the harvesting time. I think it is a bit weird that there can be a huge quality difference and that the date of the harvest is not mentioned on the package. At least I can’t recall ever seeing that information. The price of 25€ is not bad for a two hour seminar since you also get a 10€ voucher for every Demmer Teehaus Shop which is a nice offer I shall use for another tea pot! :)
They have lots of different seminars which you can check out on their page here.





6 thoughts on “Tea Seminar at Demmers Teehaus Headquarters

  1. This is so neat! Wish I could have taken the class with you! And yes, I’m willing to try matcha with orange juice, but I would imagine that they might be too acidic together? I’m gonna try and report back. Thanks for the post! Super interesting read. ;)

    1. It would have been loads of fun with you! :)
      Please do and tell me what you think. Personally I think that the bitterness of the matcha does not compliment the acidic orange juice in any way and it is a really weird combo unlike with the banana but that should not bias you in any way haha ;) thank you bonnie, have a nice day!

  2. Thank you for your nice report of our Tea Workshops! The pictures are really great. The feedback, especially about the different Quality Levels is important to know and a really good advice, we will adapt our presentation! Best regards, Nadja from Demmers Teehaus Online!

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