Spring at the University Campus with Historical Facts

My love for food shows maybe a bit too much here. ShootingVienna is turning more into eatingVienna that’s why todays post is a picture post. Back to the roots ;)

Normally I don’t bring my camera to university but I had no chance of going back home due to an event I will post about soon and so could snap some pictures in my break between lectures.





The campus of the viennese university is situated in the old general hospital building and if you keep your eyes open you see interesting details that hint to this fact.

The old general hospital was at its time a huge part of medicine research and famous people like Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis, Theodor Billroth and Karl Landsteiner contributed here.
But also the infamous Narrenturm is located here, which served as a psychatric “hospital” and was established in 1784 . In those times they thought that you can heal people of their mental illness by various peculiar ways. Oh and fun fact it was called Kaiser Joseph’s Gugelhupf (since Joseph II ordered the construction of this building).


Nowadays it is a pathologic and anatomic museum. But beware, this museum can make you feel a bit sick and I myself experienced that feeling when  I saw the taxidermied body of a 4-5 year old girl with a rare skin disease. Nevertheless it is a very interesting museum and worth a visit :)



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