Donuts in Vienna

Up until Tasty Donuts opened this year their doors, there was shockingly no donut shop in Austria.
I would often joke with friends that we should open a shop and get rich since there is quite a demand.
Well Tasty Donuts and now the new runner-up Donut Heaven have beaten me to it and I have to find another way to earn money ;)

I have been with Saher to Tasty Donuts ages ago but somehow I forgot to write about it and now I have two donut places for you, also not that bad!

Tasty Donuts can be found near Karlsplatz at Wiednerhauptstraße 15.

Luckily when we went there, the queue was not very long since I hate long lines but you should be prepared to wait for a while. In the mean time you can check out the donuts or read their menu with all their different donut types. They even have some places to sit but the size of the shop is not that huge.



I chose the Cookie and Cream Donut and Saher had the Cake Donut, both with vanilla filling and 1,65€.

shooting_vienna-donuts  shooting_vienna-donuts

They didn’t skimp on the filling and I liked the crunch of the donuts but that special oomph! was missing.
I would love to try out more flavours but at the moment I am not craving any donuts. Will have to wait a bit.

Last Thursday when the boyfriend and me skipped classes to enjoy the sunshine together at Mariahilferstraße we noticed a donut sign which lead us into a courtyard, to a guy selling donuts for 1,5€ and Krownuts 3,5€  (as he called them, maybe because of the copyright?), in a tiny car. He explained that this is just a pilot experiment to see if people like his idea.
The filling was nougat and not as creamy as Tasty Donuts but equal in quality I would say. If you want to check out this mysterious donut car, it is located at Mariahilferstraße 101.




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