Birthday Dinner at Charlie P’s on the 26th of March

It’s our family tradition to go out for dinner. I am looking forward to that of course and think already weeks before my birthday  where I would like to dine.
I had a small birthday gathering last year at Charlie P’s with close friends but wanted to show the place to my parents as well.
The service was very friendly and attentive, the ambience cozy but a bit dark. Also I used the 50mm f 1.4 lens my parents gave me for my birthday and had to get used to it a bit.
For starters the Boyfriend and I took the triple baked fries with home-made garlic mayonnaise and prosciutto ketchup and my dad had the Viennese snails in a red wine sauce and parsley doughnuts 10,9€.


I am not grossed out by snails like most people but I do prefer frog meat ;) The snails were cooked nicely though with lots of butter.

The garlic flavour was amazing, we all loved it and I could eat that mayonnaise just by itself!
For the main course I chose the leg of rabbit with fennel sausage stuffing, sweet potato chips, grilled aubergine, green asparagus and tarragon cream sauce 16,9€.


The vegetable was cooked to perfection and the rabbit was so tender! Mhm~

The boys took the Irish Burger – Irish Hereford beef from F.X. Buckley, brioche bun, tomato relish, applewood smoked red cheddar and triple cooked chips  11,9€.


And my mum had Fish & Chips – London Pride Ale battered North Atlantic cod, saffron mayo, minted pea puree and triple cooked chips 12,9€.

We were all stuffed but agreed to share dessert and I am so glad we did.

The tropical fruit panna cotta with fresh pineapple, mango, papaya and passion fruit Panna Cotta, coconut sorbet and pistachio tuile  6,5€ was so yummy.


Stuffed but happy we rolled home. I love birthdays!

PS: I was so busy with birthday parties that I only had time to write about Charlie P’s now. Have to do something productive now and draft the theme for my bachelor thesis. Panic! One day to go… Hope I come up with something not too complicated but it is hard for me to focus only on one specific theme.


2 thoughts on “Birthday Dinner at Charlie P’s on the 26th of March

  1. Haha,I think it is that I first had both as a child, but I really do not see why people would not eat snails (or frogs legs) they have no idea what they are missing out on. So, wat did you settle on as draft theme for your thesis?

    1. So true! I can agree since my parents always told me to try out dishes and never say it is disgusting without trying which I think was a great motto.

      I really want to write about female trafficking and my focus is, what one can do on a political level in Austria to work against the exploitation of women. Maybe there will be some changes but I am quite satisfied with this theme and think it is not too broad.

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