Al Chile – Restaurant Review

Right next to Brass Monkey is a Mexican restaurant which the boyfriend and me wanted to try out for a long time since we would always walk by when buying cupcakes and so we finally did! Sadly the camera I brought was low on battery, so the pics made with my phone have to do for now until I get back and snap new ones ;)

The interior makes you feel at home, I especially with the warm colours of orange/yellow and red on their walls and their cute blankets.



We studied the delicious sounding drinks on the menu and in the end the boyfriend had home-made lemonade 2€ and I took horchata also 2€.
Funny thing is that the Mister wanted to order coke but the lady explained that they don’t have unhealthy drinks, which I think is a cute idea.

For food I went with the soup, Sopa Azteka 4,5€ which was made of: Chicken broth with beans, cacti, onions, garlic, green chili, coriander, peppermint and fried tortillas.

The soup was wonderfully seasoned and very filling. I especially loved the crispy texture of the fried tortillas.

Later I had nachos with chicken for 5,5€ which included fried tortillas with mashed beans, cheese, picco de galo, Guacamole, Creme fraiche, Jalapenos and sesame seeds. The nachos seemed home-made and were really crunchy. Make sure you mix everything well or else you are left with lots of mashed beans just like me ;)

The boyfriend chose the special of the day which the friendly lady suggested and later had some quesadillas.



I forgot what she called that dish (tostadas?) but the meat was soo tender, I just would have liked a bit more seasoning.
All in all the food was yummy and authentic, at least that’s what the Mister said since I sadly haven’t been to Mexico yet.

I think it’s a great restaurant with a nice and friendly atmosphere, yummy authentic food and good service.
We shall definitely return again!

Here is their website in case you got hungry :)


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