Instagram Spring Picture Spam

Spring has finally arrived or so it seemed. The temperatures are generous with up to 20°C and lots of sunshine.
It will get a lot colder on Sunday again apparently with chances of snow. So let’s enjoy the sunshine before it’s gone for a while again!


On my way to 12munchies. The trees are blooming like mad, one of my favourite things to see and smell in Spring.


Yummy pumpkin spiced cake with a sinful and very sweet frosting


Even Vienna’s inner city looks better with a dose of sunshine :)



Some random old building in the 7th district that looked so pretty and old.


Cupcake of course from my favourite cupcake place in Vienna Brass Monkey. Isn’t it too cute to be eaten?!


Got a new haircut at London Underground Haircutters. I am always satisfied with the outcome and feel comfortable with the cut compared to other hairdressers who don’t seem to follow your directions and wishes.


Huge pljeskavica “sandwich” with the boyfriend at Homolje Grill. Sadly not from the charcoal grill but nonetheless tasty! Nothing beats the ones in Bosnia though!


Elephant & Castle have great curries for lunch which you can even enjoy outside. They are only open for lunch from 11:30 till 15:30 btw!


Forsythia in full bloom. I love the contrast of the bright yellow blossoms with the sea blue sky.


Veganista ice cream! Not cheap but tasty, vegan and very interesting flavour combinations. The one on top is tonka bean ice-cream and it was really great! Similar to vanilla but more flowery. The huge green part is of course matcha and at the bottom I had almond-coconutm which fits perfectly together with matcha. Do try it out!


Having a walk around Uni Campus since I have a lot of breaks in between my lectures and my work hours.
I tend to spend quite a lot of money on lunch this semester, think I should start with bento boxes ;)

Hope you can enjoy the weather and have a wonderful week-end!



6 thoughts on “Instagram Spring Picture Spam

  1. Springtime is my favorite. Here in California, it feels like we are going from winter straight to summer…boo. You look so pretty with your new haircut and as always, love the food pics!

      1. I know, poor me! I have to move to Vienna…that is the only solution. I’ve been once before, several years ago. I remember that it was just so incredibly beautiful there. Have a wonderful week too lucky lady! ;)

      2. Yes please do! Then I can hopefully try all your delicious baked/cooked goods which is a great plan of course :D
        Well it seems like you should come back again hehe

  2. Ooh, total reaction overload on my part ;-) “great haircut”,”can I have a bite please”, “I’ll make that cupcake for halloween”, great contrast of nature and human-made architecture”

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