Brotpreis 2014

There are always great and free events in Vienna, I can’t recall where I read about the Brotpreis but I immediately knew I had to go!
The Brotpreis is a competition with seven categories between different bread shops including: DerMann, Grimm, Kasses, Linauer-Wagner, Mauracher, Schrott, Szihn and Waldherr and it took place in the Town Hall.


The winners will be announced on the 11th of April in case you are interested.
My personal favourite without doubt is Kasses. The bread was just so perfect and packed with flavour, I can’t wait to have some more!
Their nut bread was definitely the best nut bread that I ever had, also the sweet poppy seed plaited bread was brilliant and so moist.

Later when I googled them I found out that they are one of few slow bakers in Austria! So it is really true, one can taste the difference!
In case you are not sure what slow baking is about, the members are going back to traditional methods of bread baking and refrain from using industrial ready-made blends and don’t use any artificial additives.

The original shop of Kasses is located outside of Vienna in Thaya but there are a lot of places offering Kasses bread in Vienna:

Meinl am Graben, Schwarzes Kameel, Kaas am Markt Karmelitermarkt 33–36, 1020 Wien, Pöhl Naschmarkt 167, 1060 Wien, Pöhl Kutschkermarkt 31, 1180 Wien, Adam Porzellangasse 50, 1090 Wien Verde Josefstädter Str. 27, 1080 Wien Buchmüller Neubaugasse 17, 1070 Wien Schober Währinger Str. 3, 1090 Wien


Some people went a bit over board and hoarded bread since you could taste the bread for free.. I just hope they finished it all at least and did not let it go to waste, since other people would have liked to enjoy some of that bread too.



Not just yummy bread, also butter, marmalade and meat spreads could be sampled.


I think it is really easy, the difference in texture and flavour is quite easy to distinguish. The sign says: Can you distinguish between butter and margarine?


All in all it was a great experience, I just love the idea of going there with an open mind and just concentrate on the flavours and textures of the baked goodness.


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